Our Story

I've been a maker for as long as I can remember. And when I decided to go back to school after a brief hiatus, I chose to pursue Graphic Design. Then I liked it so much, I decided to get my Masters in Fine Art in Design Research and Development. However, as I started my first year in Grad School, I also had my first child. The plan was always to get a job; that was until I saw that sweet baby face and knew I had to be home with him.

For the past five years I've run my own photography business, but I wasn't able to really make and create like I did when I worked in design. So, I started dabbling in making silly foil art that basically made me laugh. Since then, I've been designing things that I love and that are helpful to me as a mom, presuming they will be helpful for you too. Every item is handmade and unique, and made from the heart.

Unfussy. Casual. Quirky.

Thank you for joining me and supporting my local business that allows me to stay home with my growing-far-too-fast children.